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French Lick 2014 Rego Open!

As the summer draws to a close, it's time to register for the last (and some say GREATEST) campout party of the year!!! French Lick!!!!

French Lick 2014 happens Oct. 17-Oct. 19 at:  Patoka Lake Marina Cabins close to the wonderful town of French Lick.

Accommodations are several modern cabins filled with hashers (Angler Inn, Uncle Jim's and Hemmingway, if you're stalking the website).  The Party Zone will be located on the first floor of the Angler's Inn.

Cost covers your lodging, all food all weekend, all beer and booze, costume contest (Yes! I said COSTUME CONTEST!), prizes, Highland Games, etc.

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Sold Out!!!

#526 45th A'nal Brokeback Hash...10/10/14

#626…The 45th A’nal Brokeback Hash Trash…Friday, October 10, 2014

A grope of 20-something jovial hashers braved the light drizzle and scarce parking and convened just north of the Broad Ripple Gazebo on the Monon around 66th St.  The Gazebo was the starting location for Money$hot and Double Fister’s “Wrecked Her…Damn Near Kilt Her” hash on Saturday, March 13, 2013 and the March 7, 2012 “Silly Hat” hash.  This shitty trail was hared by Cuntput and Tae Kwon Blow (virgin hare).  The attendees included Snatch Cracker, Pedaltration, Show Case Shartdown, Homo Erectus, Just Maggie, Hungry For Hippos, newly named DisWhoriented and Show Me Your Dong I’m the Piano Man, and of course the birthday girl, Brokeback Belcher.  Show Me Your Tits was at the circle to do the blessing of the hares and chalk talk, but then dipped out during trail.  The pack set off north on the Monon trail.  There was, predictably, a back check very soon into the trail.  The trail led through the apartment complex on the Monon.  The pack then crossed Westfield and went down to the river into the woods.  The homeless were home and setting up a fire under the bridge and probably wondering what we were doing in their neck of the woods.  The fire builders were merrily greeted by 13-Inch Cock Tower as the rest of the pack went right along the river.  The beer check was on the dam.  The pack had to go up around a sewage drainage area and down some rocks to get to the beer.  A beautiful piece of trail treasure was picked up by the connoisseur of all trail treasure, Nautical Pussy.  A multi-colored umbrella near some homeless tents was picked up.  The beer stop was down the rocky hill and through a creepy section of  woods  overlooking the dam.  The pack enjoyed a classic beer selection of Boxer, Hamm’s, Ice House and Natural Ice. 

The next part of trail was not long in distance, but it definitely had some climbing.  The pack climbed up the concrete slab on the side of the dam, took some stairs up and then went over some rocks.  There was a fenced off area along the river, so the pack had to go around the fence, onto another concrete slab and then climb down onto a plastic floatable dock.  It’s a miracle that the dock held everyone’s weight as the humans struggled to get themselves and their canines onto the dock.  After making it over the dock, there was some thick brush and a trail marked in toilet paper.  After a few hundred meters of going through the shiggy, the pack had two options, go under a whole in the fence or go around the fence into the water.  A hare’s arrow brought trail up from the dock behind the Broad Ripple McDonald’s.  Pedaltration and company waited at the tit check at the top of the hill for damn near a half hour before the pack could be released.  True trail then curved into the bar area of Broad Ripple Ave., going westward.  We went past Kilroy’s and Land Shark and took a left on Carrollton Ave. to the beer stop in the parking lot of New Paradigm Christian Church on 62nd and Carrollton.  Recockulating was the undisputed FRB.  As the DFL’s came trickling in the threats on the hares’ lives grew louder and louder.  At least the reward for having to drag some heavy canines over a treacherous “dog friendly” trail was great: some more Boxer beer (left over from the Zombie Biker Hash). 

            Trail went by the Vogue, along the canal and very quickly back up the Monon to the start.  The hares were rushed into the circle so that the pack could exact their revenge.  13” Cock Tower filled the hares’ glasses extra full and the pack very solemnly and sincerely sang “shitty trail”.  Brokeback Belcher brought a virgin, Just Tim and his trusty canine sidekick, Just Chuck.  After fucking like Vikings with horns our heads (h…wsh?), we did the beaver crawl with Brokeback Belcher.  We swung low and then went across the street to Plump’s Last Shot where we sang “Happy Birthday, Fuck You” to the Belcher. 

I’ll see you guys at French Lick 2015.  Have fun this year guys! I wish I could be there!  See you guys at the Anti-Costume Hash on October 25th




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