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French Lick 2015 Rego Open!

 I am pleased to announce that rego for French Lick (kind of) will is UP! This year your we will be doing somthing a bit different. This year's will be be going on-on a type of bar crawl. A 4 brewery tour followed by a trail ending at a your favorite hashers bar. This will all be done in you best/worst Halloween costume.

On- on October 24th At 12:30 sharp(no hash time) the brew bus will pick 28 of us up at the Patty's pub, legal beagle(or across from it). We will visit 4 brewery's, we will drink, we will be Mary (bring ID and cash/card). The buses are caped at 28 people. First rego first go. Any one going will also get a free awsome sweet winter themed gift!

The brew tour will be done at 430 and a on -on to the trail. Trail will start at 5 (hash time) and end at the legal beagle for food and beers! The bar will be left for hasher only. Let hope on one spills beer on the 80inch TV this time.

The price is going to be 45$ for the whole shebang. And 15 for trail and on after. And 10 for on after only.

Out of town need only to ask for crash space. I am will share as are most.

On- On


Who's Cumming?

Sold Out!!!

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